who we serve

Friendly. Retirement. Advice.

Who We Serve

While we would love to help everyone, we have very intentionally limited the number of clients we serve so that each client gets the personalized attention they need. In order to do this we have limited ourselves to 75 clients, because of this we have come up with some general guidlines of who we work with.


Why Hire Us

Financial planning is not just a job for us. We eat, live, and breathe this stuff. We spend our free time educating ourselves and finding the best solutions for our clients because we truly love what we do.

You should consider hiring us if you want to answer these question:

  • Can you afford to retire?

  • How much risk are you taking in your portfolio?

  • What is my average rate of return for the past 1,3,5,10 years?

  • Can your portfolio to keep up with inflation?

  • When is the best time to take Social Security?

  • How much am I paying in fees(disclosed and hidden)?

  • Am I 100% certain I am doing the best I can with the resources I have?



If one of these sounds like you, we would love to speak to you


Who wants to come to work miserable

This might sound cliche, but we will only work with genuinely nice people whom we share a mutual respect. We are looking for long-term client relationships that could last 30+ years

Looking for a Trusted Advisor

We plan to work with you for the next 30+ years

Our clients understand that success of their retirement is too important to be doing it themselves, and they understand the value of having expert guidance. They would rather be out enjoying their retirement


Investments = Income = RETIREMENT

Our clients would hardly consider themselves to be "rich" and see no need to compete with the Jones'. They know in order to accumulate a retirement nest egg they need to be diligent savers


The more time we can plan the easier it is

We specialize in people who are retired or very close to it (typically 5 years or less). This allows us to tailor our service and expertise to the unique needs of retirees. Pensions, Social Secuirty, 401ks, Investments oh my!